From Nancy & David P & Sherlock –
After losing our 15 year old Black Lab, we welcomed a Yellow Lab puppy into our home.  Well, pups are like kids (no two are alike).  Raising a puppy in our senior, semi-retired years was a challenge of its own.  One day at daycare drop off, I was apologizing for Sherlock’s jumping and puppy behavior, and Dodie mentioned she was working with all kinds of dogs as part of her working towards her certification as a dog trainer.  From that point on, Sherlock began 1:1 training with Dodie during his weekly doggie daycare stay.  As he matures, and with continued training and progress, we are hoping to complete the Canine Good Citizen program and take him to assisted living homes and schools as a therapy dog.

Teachable Moments!  That light bulb goes on and click…  A recent example of this took place in our yard outside of the fenced area.  We were playing fetch and working on staying focused with outside distractions.  Sherlock was retrieving the ball on our lot line when he noticed our neighbor’s German Shepherd was outside.  In a split second he heard his name called, and with tennis ball in mouth, came running back to me!  OMG!  Recall at its best!  Sherlock got lots of praise and treats for a job well done!  Thanks to Dodie for sharing her teachable moments with us!