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Pet Me Scratch Me carries all-natural dog and cat food,
collars, leashes, training aides and toys!  We also have a unique selection of gifts for the home!

When searching for a healthy food choice for your pet, follow these guidelines:

—-Look for food without “chicken by-product” in the ingredients. Chicken by-product is actually the chicken’s head, feet, feathers, intestines, veins, blood, and anything left over when they process the chicken. Basically, it’s the leftover guts that have no nutritional value. This is the cheapest way to say that your pet food has “chicken” in it. That’s why most foods at chain stores have these chicken guts in it, because it’s cheaper to make pet “food” with this in it, but it is NOT healthy. In fact, many dogs and cats can develop allergies to it. At Pet Me Scratch Me, there are no pet food items with chicken by-product.

—-Look for food without wheat, corn, or corn gluten meal in the ingredients. Most chain store dog foods have these in the ingredients, but these also have no nutritional value. They are known as “fillers.” They fill up the bag, and make you think that you’re feeding your pet healthy food, but you’re not. Many dogs also develop allergies to these fillers. If your pet is extra itchy or obsessively licks or bites at their feet, legs or other areas, they may have a food allergy, and you probably need to change to a food without corn, wheat, or chicken by-product. At Pet Me Scratch Me, there are no foods with corn, wheat, or corn gluten meal.

—-Make sure your pet food is made in North America. Most of the recalled, unsafe pet food from 2007 was processed in China. All of the healthy dog foods at Pet Me Scratch Me are made in the North America.

At Pet Me Scratch Me, we have free samples of all of our premium pet food choices, so you can take several to see what your pet likes the best.

Below are some of the brands we carry. Please stop in to view our entire selection.

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