Greetings from the Pet Me Scratch Me Spa!

We would like to introduce our Pet Stylists!


Amanda joined Pet Me Scratch Me in November of 2011.  She was born and raised in La Crescent and has been a certified dog groomer since 2007.  She is the proud owner of a Rottweiler named Dungey, an American Bulldog named Thor, a Pomeranian named Moto, a Main Coon named Prince and a Pixie Bob named Lucy.  When she’s not grooming she likes to spend time with her two children, go fishing, go to motocross races and hand out with friends.  Amanda has been a wonderful addition to our grooming staff and enjoys meeting each and every dog that comes in!











Beth began grooming at Pet Me Scratch Me in May of 2016.  She shares her home with her two children and a Shiba Inu named Kado, as well as two cats named Paco & Lennie.  Beth has been grooming since 2005 and learned to be a groomer by attending the PetSmart Grooming Academy followed by much supplemental education through personal research and self-training.  She considers herself a skilled Pet Stylist meaning that although she can do show-quality, breed standard cuts, what she enjoys most are Teddy style trims and modified standard cuts.  She likes combining style with ease of maintenance for the owners.  Some of her favorite breeds to groom are the scruffy terrier mixes!  Beth enjoys the exposure to and interaction with various breeds of dogs, as well as having the outlet to express her creativity.  When she has the time, Beth likes to relax by reading, writing or enjoying music.  She would like to exercise more than she has the time for but settles for chasing after her two children instead.  She also enjoys painting and for a time was able to make additional income by selling her paintings.  Beth has been a wonderful addition to the Pet Me Scratch Me Spa and the dogs all LOVE her!

Grooming appointments are taken Monday through Saturday.

Please call our Onalaska location at 781-9663 to book an appointment with Amanda or Beth.