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How does a dog qualify for daycare?
To be admitted to Pet Me Scratch Me, the requirements are:
–  Your dog must be three months old or older
–  All dogs 7 months or older must be spayed or neutered
–  Pass a short temperament test during pre-screening interview
–  Have current vaccinations for rabies, DHLPP, and bordetella (kennel cough)**
–  Must be on year round Frontline or Advantix
–  Not have a history of biting or aggressive behavior
–  Be social with others and not be overly possessive of food or toys
–  Not have any communicable diseases***
–  Owners must certify that their pet has never harmed or threatened any human or other animal
–  Unfortunately, pit bull terriers and chow chows are not allowed.
**You must specifically ask your vet for this shot.
***Dogs that become ill with a communicable disease will not be admitted without veterinarian approval.

Why should I bring my dog to daycare?
Some people bring their dogs to daycare just to let them have fun and play with their friends.  Others work long hours, leaving their beloved friend home all day alone.   This can result in negative behaviors due to separation anxiety.  Some of these behaviors include sadness, excessive chewing, and barking.  At Pet Me Scratch Me, your dog will always be supervised, will get a lot of exercise from playing and running around, and will learn excellent socialization skills.  Dog daycare is also a great place to leave your dog when the cleaning person, pest control person, etc. is visiting.

What does the Pet Me Scratch Me staff do?
We play with the dogs, giving them lots of love and affection.  We reward them for good behavior with head scratches and belly rubs.  We monitor the dogs to make sure everyone is safe and playing nice.  Each member of our staff is trained in canine CPR and to recognize aggressive behavior before it becomes an issue.

I would like to have my dog groomed while at Pet Me Scratch Me.  Is this something you can do for me?
We now offer grooming!  Please click here for details.

I wish you offered something else, what should I do?
Our mission is to make your life with your dog easier.  If there is something else we could do to help please let us know.  You can either tell us personally or send us an email.

How will I know how my dog is doing?
We will always keep you informed about your dog’s activities.  You can also feel free to call us while your dog is here if you would like an update.

I have a small dog who is scared of big dogs.  Do you have an area that he can play safely?
We do have a special area for small dogs to play!  That way they don’t have to compete with bigger dogs for toys.  Of course if your small dog prefers to play with the big guys, they have that option too!

Do you have an on-call Veterinarian?
In the unlikely event of an emergency, we do our best to get your dog to your own Veterinarian (locally).  However, if this is not possible, we do have a Veterinary clinic on call.  West Salem Veterinary Clinic, which is located just 5 minutes away, will be available to assist in any emergency situation.  Dr. Harvatine and the rest of the staff at West Salem Veterinary Clinic are extremely knowledgeable, and we have full confidence that our daycare dogs will receive the best of care if needed.  We are also relying on West Salem Veterinary Clinic to answer our pet health-related questions in order to stay on top of any issues that might pertain to dog daycare.

How does the Pet Me Scratch Me staff discipline my dog?
We always try to teach the dogs with positive reinforcement.  If needed, we use the stern “no” or squirt bottles filled with water.  If such discipline doesn’t help to control the behavior, a time-out is then used.  In cases of habitual barkers, we use a citronella collar.  We use these only if your dog is enjoying Pet Me Scratch Me, but also enjoys barking or if your dog is distressing other dogs with its noise.  If your dog is barking because it is not happy here, we do not use the citronella collar as a long-term solution.

A citronella collar does not harm a dog in any way.  When the dog barks, a spray of citronella is released towards their mouth and nose.  This citronella smells like the citronella that you use to keep bugs away in the summer and the dogs have an aversion to the smell.  If you are uncomfortable with this or would like some more information about it, please feel free to ask!

On occasion, we will also use a gentle leader to calm a dog.  The gentle leader was designed to use on dogs on leash so that they do not walk the owner, but rather the owner can successfully walk the dog.  It is a more humane version of the chain or choke collar.  The gentle leader is not a muzzle!  They can open their mouth and even eat with it on.

When a mother wants to calm her over exuberant puppy, she places pressure on the top of the pup’s muzzle with her own muzzle.  We use the gentle leader to tell some of our over exuberant puppies that they need to take their level of play down a notch.  If you are uncomfortable with this or would like some more information about the gentle leader, please feel free to ask!

Please keep in mind that any discipline is used for the safety and happiness of all the dogs in our care.  We would never want the actions of an overly exuberant puppy or bullying dog to make it not fun for all of the other dogs.  Dogs in our care have benefited from our training and learn to become balanced, happy pack members.  Our ability to keep all of the dogs in our care safe and happy is what truly seperates us from the competition.  We encourage you to check with any of the vets in the area about our reputation for safety and check with others about how their dog feels about coming to daycare at our facility.

Does my dog get fed while at Pet Me Scratch Me?
We do not recommend having your dog fed at Pet Me Scratch Me.  We recommend that you feed them in the morning when they wake up, and when you get home.  If you feel it is necessary, please bring a plastic zip lock bag with your dog’s food and their name written on it.  The dogs will always have plenty of water, and for an additional fee, we would be happy to give your dog a special snack during the day.

My friend said her dog got sick at daycare.  Will that happen to my dog?
Just like at a child daycare or even at your workplace, there is always the possibility that your dog can catch a cold or virus from socializing with other dogs.  Not only can they catch it here or at any other daycare, but at a kennel, the dog park, their training class, the pet store, or even just meeting other dogs on their walks.

We do our best to spot any symptoms a dog may be having and will quarantine the dog until the owner is able to pick them up.  Please understand that most of the common dog illnesses are contagious before symptoms even begin to show.  Other dogs may get infected before we, or the infected dog’s owner, even knows there is a problem.

Please note that although your dog is vaccinated for kennel cough, there is still a chance that they can catch it.  This is an easily transmitted virus and is contagious before any symptoms appear.  This means that we ask you, as the owner, to keep your dog at home if you are noticing any cough or dry hacking until you are sure that it is not kennel cough.  This will help prevent the virus from spreading.  If your dog does contract kennel cough, we require that you keep them out of daycare for 2 weeks.

What is your policy for hazardous road conditions in the winter?
When La Crosse Public Schools close due to hazardous road conditions, please call ahead before you bring your dog to make sure that we are open.  Though rare, there may be occasions when roads conditions have gotten extremely hazardous that we will be closed.