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Dog Daycare is a growing trend across America because it meets the needs of today’s dog owner.  At Pet Me Scratch Me, your dog plays and socializes with all the other dogs, while constantly being supervised.  We also join in the fun and dish out lots of affection, ensuring your dog feels right at home.  We will never cage your animal (unless a timeout is necessary), and with our newly expanded outdoor space (the largest in the area) your dog will also get to play outside much of their day.

Many busy people drop their dogs off on their way to work and pick them up on their way home.  Dog daycare is also perfect if you have an appointment, need to run errands, are getting your carpet cleaned, or if your dog just needs a few hours of activity.

The Benefits

  • Your dog will get plenty of exercise while playing with friends, and will be tired and ready to snuggle when they are picked up.
  • Playing with both dog and people friends will help ensure a properly socialized pet, who gets along with all people and dogs.  You’ll be proud to take your dog anywhere!
  • Many dogs experience separation anxiety when left alone during the day.  Furniture may be destroyed, items may be chewed up, accidents may happen.  Dog daycare can help alleviate the boredom, isolation, and loneliness that results in these behaviors.
  • Dog daycare can also be a great comfort to you as a parent.  You can be assured that your dog will be well taken care of, and you won’t experience the guilt you would normally feel if you have a busy day and can’t give your dog the attention he deserves.