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Our new ALL-INCLUSIVE SUITES are now available!

Luxury Boarding at Pet Me Scratch Me!
This service is one that has been needed in the La Crosse area for as long as we can remember.  We’ve lived here since 2003 and have always wished there was someplace like this locally that we could bring our dogs to when we went out of town.  We’ve had to drive over an hour away in order to find something similar.  Although there are many local kennels in the area, we were looking for something different, something special.  Someplace we knew our dogs would be given lots of love, attention and fun.  We wanted to feel like our dogs were happy to be going on “vacation”!

Our Luxury Suites provide the best of everything for your pup while you are away.  Heated floors, large comfortable beds, televisions, music and many fun excursions that your pet can participate in during his stay.  Each Luxury Suite has its own window!


Are you thinking your dog might be playing all day in daycare and just needs a comfortable, cozy and private space to crash at night?  Then you’ll want to book one of our Bungalow Suites or better yet, one of our All-Inclusive Suites!  These suites provide a nice amount of space, comfortable beds and many fun excursion options.

For our little visitors, we have our new Studio Suites!  These are for small breeds who are less than 25″ in height and less than 25 pounds in weight.  Our Studio Suites offer complete privacy, a cozy space to sleep and come with the same excursion options as our bigger suites.

No matter which suite you choose, your dog will be given at least 6  trips outside each day to one of our expansive and secure outdoor areas.  We have more than one outdoor play area and both are completely secure.  Dogs can easily climb chain link fencing and a few of the other facilities in the area have had dogs go missing.  It will be impossible for your dog to climb or dig their way out at our facility.  We also have the ability to thoroughly clean each area, allowing us to comply with our strict cleanliness standards.

This aspect of pet care fits in naturally with our other services, and since so many of your pets already play with us during the day, it is like sleeping over at a friend’s house when they stay with us!  We are enjoying the extra fun and many snuggles we are now able to be giving your pets!