Luxury Suites:  $39/night
40 sqft complete with Kuranda bed and soft bedding
Heated Floors (Onalaska)
Own window for healthy natural light (Onalaska)
Crystal Chandelier Lighting (La Crosse)
*25% off a 2nd dog staying in the same suite (limitations apply)

Bungalow Suites: $32/night
25 sqft
Soft bedding
*25% off a 2nd dog staying in the same suite (limitations apply)

All-Inclusive Suites (Includes Daycare!): $42/night
25 sqft
Soft bedding
*25% off a 2nd dog staying in the same suite (limitations apply)
Located in Daycare & Daycare is Included!
Extended Playing Time!

Studio Suites: $24/night
30″x 30″
Soft bedding
*Size restrictions: must be less than 25″ in height and less than 25 pounds in weight
*No more than one dog per suite

Try one of our pawmenities during your dog’s next daycare or boarding stay!
Peanut Butter Stuffed Kong: $2
Frozen “Ice Cream” Dessert: $2
Bakery Treat of the Season: $2
30 minutes one-on-one snuggle time: $10
Administration of medication: FREE

Photo Packages
Choose either an emailed photo or printed photo of your dog during its stay!
1 photo for $6 – 2 photos for $10 – 3 photos for $15

Excursion Adventures:
Daycare*: $10
30 minute walk: $10
30 minute one-on-one playtime: $10
NEW! Mental Enrichment Activities: $10

Our Mental Enrichment Activities are private, hourly mental exercise activities, performed by our in-house trainer, to keep your pup busy while you’re away. These activities include:

  • Scent Games: Games such as find it, pick the hand, shell game, and snuffle mat to get your dog’s nose working hard.
  • Fun Food Feeders: Ditch the food bowl and give your dog a fun way to eat their lunch, breakfast, and dinner. We’ll use slow feeders, wobblers, Kong toys, and various other puzzle toys to feed your dog their meal in a fun way.
  • Flirt Pole, Fetch, and Tug: We’ll give your pup a chance to burn off some energy through structured play time.
  • One-on-One Socialization: Along with the hourly exercises, your pup will get lots of love and attention from our trainer.
  • And Many More: Along with these activities, we have an agility tunnel, bubbles, pool time in the summer, and too many other activities to list!

This program is designed for guests who prefer alone time, older dogs and younger puppies who have not received their rabies shots. Call today and try our NEW Mental Enrichment Activities!

Only offered Monday through Friday at Onalaska location.

*Dogs must pass a temperament evaluation in order to attend daycare.  Daycare is not available on holidays.  We reserve the right to eliminate daycare and/or require a nap for dogs who appear to be overtired and/or crabby during their stay.

Other Fees:
Failure to cancel within 24 hours: $25

Pick up / Drop off times:
Drop-off and Pick-up times for all boarding reservations EXCEPT ALL-INCLUSIVE stays are during the following times:
Mon – Fri between 6:30 am and 6 pm
Sat – Sun between 9 am and 5 pm

Arrival times for ALL-INCLUSIVE boarding guests:
Mon – Fri between 6:30 am and 1 pm (pick-up any time before 6 pm)
Sat – Sun between 9 am and 1 pm (pick-up any time before 5 pm)

Arrival times for Daycare guests:
Mon – Fri between 6:30 am and 1 pm (pick-up any time before 6 pm)
Sat – Sun between 9 am and 1 pm (pick-up any time before 5 pm)

All dogs must be current on the following vaccinations:
-Monthly application of flea preventative
*Proof of vaccinations must be provided prior to check-in.  Your vet can fax these to: 608-781-9664

Personal Items
We prefer not to take in personal items such as toys or beds.  However, if you feel this is necessary for any reason, please be aware that we do impose a 3-item limit on personal items other than food, treats and medication.
*All personal items must be marked with your pet’s name in permanent marker.
*During your pets’ stay, we may need to wash personal items.  In that process, they may collect dog hair other than your own dog’s hair.  Please be assured that we do not share personal items with any other pets from another family.

The following items are strictly prohibited:
-Blankets and/or towels.  While dog beds are ok, blankets and towels are frequently washed and are often too difficult to distinguish from our bedding or other clients’ bedding, as many appear similar.  Clean bedding will be provided for all pets boarding with us.
-Dog bowls (with the exception of “slow-feeding” bowls).  Most bowls are too easily mixed up with our bowls or other clients’ bowls in the washing process.
-Rawhide Bones or any other chews/treats that may become indigestible or get lodged in the pet’s throat.


Outdoor Potty Breaks:
All guests are brought outside to a private and secure area a minimum of 6 times per day.  Dogs enrolled in daycare will receive unlimited trips outside during their daycare hours in addition to at least 3 trips outside during kenneling hours.

We recommend bringing your dog’s own food.  Suddenly switching food can cause stomach upset and/or diarrhea.  Please place your dog’s food/treats in an airtight container labeled with your dog’s name and feeding instructions.  If you do forget or run out, we do have a large selection of all natural, healthy foods in our retail store.  We will do our best to substitute with something of similar content.  Any food/treats not provided by the owner will be charged our retail value.

Any baths or nail trims can be requested at check-in.  If you are in need of full service grooming, an appointment must be made with one of our experienced groomers.  Because they normally book a week or two ahead of time, we recommend getting these appointments made as soon as you make your reservation.  Prices vary so please call us for a quote.  STAY 3 CONSECUTIVE NIGHTS AND RECEIVE A COMPLIMENTARY BATH!

About Luxury Boarding at Pet Me Scratch Me
Our Luxury Suites provide the best of everything for your pup while you are away.  Heated floors, large comfortable beds, televisions, music and many fun excursions that your pet can participate in during his stay.  Each Luxury Suite in Onalaska has its own window and each in La Crosse has it’s own chandelier!

Are you thinking your dog might be playing all day in daycare and just needs a comfortable, cozy and private space to crash at night?  Then you’ll want to book one of our Bungalow Suites or better yet, one of our All-Inclusive Suites!  These suites provide a nice amount of space, comfortable beds and many fun excursion options.

For our little visitors, we have our Studio Suites!  These are for small breeds who are less than 25″ in height and less than 25 pounds in weight.  Our Studio Suites offer complete privacy, a cozy space to sleep and come with the same excursion options as our bigger suites.

No matter which suite you choose, your dog will be given at least 6  trips outside each day to one of our expansive and secure outdoor areas.  We have more than one outdoor play area and both are completely secure.  Dogs can easily climb chain link fencing and a few of the other facilities in the area have had dogs go missing.  It will be impossible for your dog to climb or dig their way out at our facility.  We also have the ability to thoroughly clean each area, allowing us to comply with our strict cleanliness standards.

This aspect of pet care fits in naturally with our other services, and since so many of your pets already play with us during the day, it is like sleeping over at a friend’s house when they stay with us!  We are enjoying the extra fun and many snuggles we are now able to be giving your pets!

A typical day at Pet Me Scratch Me!
The doggie day begins at 6:30am with a quick potty break and breakfast.  Guests who are attending daycare will have a brief rest after breakfast and then they are off to join their friends in our large, cage-free daycare facility complete with outdoor play yard!   Those who are not attending daycare will enjoy another extended outdoor break while housekeeping makes their rounds.  Then it’s activity time!  Anyone signed up for walks, snuggle time and/or playtime will partake in their activity of choice.  Does your pup need some spa time?  If so, now is the time they would receive their bath and/or manicure!  After another potty break it’s time to lounge and watch some tv or take a nap.  Another potty break arrives before dinner.  Any guests in daycare come back over for a rest before their meal is served.  Our turndown service begins after dinner.  After one last trip outside, some last minute “fluffing” of the bedding and some snuggles, the dogs are ready to curl up for a restful and relaxing night of sleep complete with soothing music.